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How do I access the Shared Library?

You can access your schools Shared Activity Library by taking the following steps :

  1. After logging in select the 'Library' from the sidebar menu
  2. Click on the Shared Activity Library icon (the downward facing arrow) at the top of the page, and choose 'Show Activities Shared In My School' or 'Show Globally Shared Activities'
  3. Find an Activity that has been shared by another teacher at your school and click it
  4. Click the 'Clone' button at the bottom of the page
  5. Make any changes to adapt the Activity to your class, and save it by clicking the 'Create Activity' button

Check out the video for a step by step walkthrough, also please note if you're wanting to view the great Activities shared by our Verso education team, simply choose 'Show Globally Shared Activities'.

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