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What do all the Activities options/fields mean?

Verso Activities are made up of several sections. Below I'll be showing you through each section, it's features and how best to use it.

The resource section

You'll find the resource section at the top of the 'Create Activity' page. Here you can choose to add a range of different resources, you can find out more about the resources offered in our Resources section.

Please note your resource section may look slightly different depending on your schools region and available functionality

The details section

This area is quite self explanatory, here is where you will enter the Title of your Activity which should indicate to your students what they will be learning / participating in for this Activity. Secondly you will enter the instructions or questions for your students, this is where you will be asking them to view the resource, and then interact in a specific way. Make sure you let your students know that you want them to not only respond, but also comment on each others responses to start conversations.

Optional details

The 'Additional Instructions' box is one of our Premium Campus features, that allows you to enter context that will be seen alongside your students instructions. This is a place for you to let your students see how a good response is structured and can recommend vocabulary terms that you want them to be using within their responses.

Creation options

The final section gives you a few additional options prior to creation and I'll go through them one by one.

  1. 'Assign to class' - Clicking on this dropdown menu will show you the full list of all classes you've created in Verso. Assigning an Activity to a class will put an alert on your students 'Dashboard' letting them know they have a new Activity to complete
  2. 'Minimum number of responses per student' - This is the minimum number of times your students must respond before they can see their classmates responses. Use this only if you have a multi-part questions that requires 2 or 3 responses to complete
  3. 'Allow extended responses' - This toggle is a Premium Campus feature that allows your students to respond with up to 3000 characters per response
  4. 'Activity Status' - This toggle will allow you to create an Activity that is initially closed, a closed activity will be available in your class but will not show up for your students until you open it
  5. 'Shared with your school' - This toggle is a Premium Campus feature that allows you to share your Activities with all of the other teachers at your school, creating a rich 'School Library'

If you need any help with creating activities, or have any other questions at all feel free to check out our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly support staff. If you'd like to learn more about what Campus is, check out our website, or get in touch with our campus team.

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