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How do I remove students from my class?

Sometimes students may sign up to the wrong class, or your class enrolments could change. We've made it easy to check which students are currently in your classes and remove them by taking the following steps:

  1. Head to the classes page by clicking 'Classes' in the left hand sidebar menu
  2. From the list of classes select the one that contains the required student
  3. Click on the '# Students' panel, to open the student overlay screen

    "# students panel"
  4. Find the student's name and click on their name
  5. Click 'Remove Student' button to remove that student from your class


You should note that this completely removes all of the students contributions to the class that they were a member of, so be careful of doing this if you want to keep their responses and comments to use at a later date. 

If your still having trouble removing an individual student from your class please let us know.

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