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How do I print/export my student responses from an Activity?

With our 'Export to CSV' functionality you can quickly get all of your student responses and comments out of an individual activity into an easy to use format ready for use outside of Verso. To use this simply take the following steps:

  1. Head to your Activity Library by clicking the 'Library' link in the left hand sidebar menu
  2. Find the Activity you would like to export and click through into it
  3. Click the 'Export to CSV' button in the top right hand corner

    Export to CSV button
  4. Your CSV export will be e-mailed to your accounts e-mail address shortly.
    Please note, if you don't receive it within a few minutes please check your junk mail folder

Once you've exported your responses to CSV you can open it in any spreadsheet software (such as Excel) or print it if you require a physical copy for your records.

Still having issues exporting your Activities, or any other questions you can't find an answer to? Let us know.

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