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What happens to my closed Activities?

Closing Activities is a great way to clean out your dashboard without getting rid of student response data that you might want to refer to later in the year. You can close/delete your Activities by taking the steps outlined here however once you've closed them you can access them by taking these steps:

  1. Head to your Class list page by clicking the 'Classes' link in the left hand sidebar menu
  2. Find the class that has the Activity you are looking for and click into it
  3. Click the 'View Activities' button at the top of the page
  4. From this page you can switch between viewing your open and closed Activities

It's a great idea to keep your Activities in a closed state when you've finished using them to keep your data in Verso. Your students will also be able to view the closed Activities they just won't be able to continue responding while it's closed.

Still having issues viewing your closed Activities, or any other questions you can't find an answer to? Let us know.

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